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Maintenance Instructions & Guidelines for Different On-Track Machines.

S.No. Name of Machine Document Issue Date Report no.
1 Ballast Cleaning Machine(BCM-RM-80) Inspection Check List Nov.2004 TM-73
Maintenance Schedule Jan.2005 TM-77
Trouble-Shooting Manual Jan.2002 TM-42
2 Ballast Regulating Machine(BRM-Kershaw) Inspection Check List Feb.2006 TM-96
Maintenance Schedule Jun.2005 TM-87
Trouble-Shooting Manual (English) Jul.2004 TM-70
Trouble-Shooting Manual (Hindi)
Jul.2004 TM-70
List of Critical Spare Parts Jul.2016 CSP
3 Ballast Regulating Machine(PBR-400R)
Inspection Check List Feb.2011 TM-156
Maintenance Schedule Dec.2010 TM-153
List of Critical Spare Parts  Sep.2016 CSP
4 Ballast Regulating Machine(Metex) Inspection Check List Sep.2016 TM-199
Maintenance Schedule Sep.2016 TM-198
Critical Spare Parts List
March-2018 CSP
5 Continuous Tamping Machine (CSM 09-32) Inspection Check List October-2014 TM-74 Revision-1
Maintenance Schedule (English) Jul.2016

TM-69 Revision-1

Trouble-Shooting Manual Mar.2004 TM-62
List of Critical Spare Parts(Rev.01) Jul.2012 CSP
6 Dynamic Track Stabilizer(DGS-Plasser-62N) Inspection Check List Oct 2005
Maintenance Schedule Aug.2005 TM-90
Trouble-Shooting Manual Sept.2010 TM-148
List of Critical Spare Parts Aug.2004 CSP
7 Shoulder Ballast Cleaning Machine(FRM-80) Inspection Check List Sept.2005 TM-91
Maintenance Schedule Feb.2005 TM-79
Critical Spare Part list of Shoulder Ballast Cleaning Machine (FRM-80) Dec. 2014 CSP
8 Shoulder Ballast Cleaning Machine(FRM-85F) Inspection Check List Dec.2009 TM-136
Maintenance Schedule Nov.2008 TM-125
Critical Spare Parts list of Shoulder Ballast Cleaning Machine (FRM-85F) March 2017 CSP
9 Multipurpose Track Tamping Machine (UNIMAT Compact-M) Inspection Check List Dec.2006 TM-105
Maintenance Schedule Jun.2006 TM-100
List of Critical Spare Parts Aug.2004 CSP
10 Plasser Quick Relaying System (PQRS) Inspection Check List Mar.2015

TM-108  Revision-1

Maintenance Schedule Mar.2015

TM-101  Revision-1

Trouble-Shooting Manual Feb.2009 TM-128
List of Critical Spare Parts Aug.2004 CSP
11 Point And Crossing Changing Machine (AMECA T-28) Inspection Check List Sept.2006 TM-103
Maintenance Schedule Aug.2006 TM-102
Trouble-Shooting Manual Mar.2007 TM-110
List of Critical Spare Parts Aug.2004 CSP
12 Tamping Express (09-3X) Inspection Check List Dec. 2014 Rev.01 TM-106 
Maintenance Schedule March 2017 Rev.01 TM-85
List of Critical Spare Parts (Rev.01) Jul.2012 CSP
13 Track Relaying Equipment (TLE-SIMPLEX) Inspection Check List Jan.2018 Rev. 01 TM-160
Maintenance Schedule Jan.2018 Rev. 01 TM-159
List of Critical Spare Parts March 2018 CSP
14 Track Relaying Train (TRT) Inspection Check List Feb.2007 TM-107
Maintenance Schedule Oct.2006 TM-104
Critical Spares Parts list of Track  Relaying Train Dec. 2014 CSP
15 Point & Crossing Tamping Machine (UNIMAT 2S & 3S) Inspection Check List Dec. 2017
Rev. 01TM-71
Maintenance Schedule Nov. 2017 Rev. 01TM-175
Trouble-Shooting Manual Mar.2006 TM-99
Critical Spare Part list for UNIMAT 3S, (Rev-01) Mar.2018 CSP
16 Unomatic Tie Tamping Machine Inspection Check List Dec.2004 TM-76
Maintenance Schedule May.2005 TM-83
Trouble-Shooting Manual Jul.2005 TM-88
17 Utility Track Vehicle (Phooltas Make) Inspection Check List Jun.2009 TM-132
Maintenance Schedule Oct 2017 TM-121 Rev.1
Critical Spares Parts Jul.2014 CSP
18 Worksite Tamping Machine(METEX Make) Inspection Check List Oct.2018 Rev. 01 TM-144
Maintenance Schedule Oct.2018 Rev. 01 TM-141
19 Worksite Tamping Machine (8049 Onwards) Inspection Check List Mar.2017 Rev. 01 TM-129
Maintenance Schedule Mar.2017 Rev. 01 TM-130
Trouble-Shooting Manual Feb.2008 TM-117
List of Critical Spare Parts 2013-14 CSP
20 UNIMAT-4S Maintenance Schedule May-2012 TM-168
Inspection Check List Dec. 2014 TM-169 Rev.1
Critical Spares Part list of Unimat-4S April 2015 CSP
21 Rail Grinding Machine Maintenance Schedule Jan. 2014 TM-180
22 Ballast Cleaning Machine (BCM-RM-80-92U) Maintenance Schedule May 2018 TM -178 Rev.1
List of Critical Spare Parts Nov.2013 CSP
Inspection Check List March 2015 TM-186
23 Worksite Tamping MachineVPR-02M (Kalugaputmash Make) Inspection Check List March 2015 TM-183
Maintenance Schedule March 2018 TM-187 Rev.1
Critical Spares Part list of VPR-02M March 2017 CSP
24 UNIMAT-SPLIT HEAD-MFI Inspection Check List AUG -2015 TM-184
Maintenance Schedule March -2016 TM-196
Critical Spare parts list March-2017
(GMAC, Model-SPZ-210k)
Inspection Check List Nov.2016 TM-200
Maintenance schedule March 2017 TM-205
26 Ballast Regulating Machine (USP 2000 SWS) Inspection Check List March 2017 TM-204
Maintenance Schedule Manual March 2017 TM-203
Critical Spares Parts List March 2017 CSP
27 Dynamic Track Stabilizer (BHEL) Inspection Check List March 2018 TM-209
Maintenance Schedule Manual March 2018 TM-211
Critical Spare parts List March 2018 CSP
28 Dynamic Track Stabilizer (Metex) Maintenance Schedule Manual March 2018 TM-214
Critical Spare Parts list June-2018 CSP

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